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Abbreviations, acronyms and TLAs often used in television broadcasting and reception

Ever wondered what the FEC the Social Revolutionaries have to do with TP17? This might help...

CAM Conditional Access Module
CC Closed Captioning
CI Common Interface
CRT Cathode Ray Tube
DiSEqC Digital Satellite Equipment Control
DOG Digital On-screen Graphic
DSAT Digital Satellite
DTH Direct To Home
DTT Digital Terrestrial Television
DVD Digital Versatile Disk
ECM Electronic Counter Measure
EEPROM Erasable Electronically Programmable Read Only Memory
EPG Electronic Program Guide
EPROM Electronically Programmable Read Only Memory
FEC Forward Error Correction
FTA Free To Air
FTV Free To View
H Horizontal (polarisation)
HDTV High Definition Television
HH Horizontal High band (polarisation)
hl Horizontal Low band (polarisation)
iDTV Integrated Digital Television
IR Infa-Red
IRD Integrated Receiver Decoder
LED Light Emitting Diode
LITO LIne Twenty-One!
LNB Low Noise Block (down converter)
MHz Megahertz
MPEG Motion Picture Expert Group
NICAM Near Instantaneously Companded Audio Multiplex
NTSC National Television Systems Committee
OSG On-Screen Graphic
PAL Phase Alternation Line
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PDC Program Delivery Control
PIN Personal Identification Number
PP Personal Planner
PSU Power Supply Unit
PVR Personal Video Recorder
RCU Remote Control Unit
RGB Red, Green & Blue
S&S Search and Scan (banner)
SCART Syndicat francais des Constructeurs d'Appareils Radio et Television
SDTV Standard Definition Television
SECAM Sequential Couleur avec Memoire
SR Symbol Rate
STB Set Top Box
TLA Three Letter Abbreviation
TP Transponder
V Vertical (polarisation)
VCD Video Compact Disk
VCR Video Cassette Recorder
VH Vertical High band (polarisation)
VHS Vertical Helix Scan, also: Video Home System, also: Very High Standard
vl Vertical Low band (polarisation)
VTR Video Tape Recorder

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